Deers, Elk & Antelope 

  • If bringing in a deer after hours, please call our office for the after hour numbers at (209) 632-8427 or (209) 634-7525.  
  • There is a $40 skinning fee for any deer brought with the skin left on.  
  • Any deer that needs to be cleaned before processing will also be charged an extra fee.


Make sure it is clean and kept cold, bear tends to bone sour fast.  If animal has sour bone or has a sour smell at drop off, we will not accept it.
Bears must be validated before drop off.

Ducks & Geese

  • We make peppersticks, salami, and sausage 
  • When making sausage, we add some pork trim to it which does come with an extra cost.
  • All meat MUST be boneless when dropping off.

Storage Fees

Storage fees are $15 a month for up to 3 boxes, and $5 per box over three per month.  Any order left in our freezer longer than four months, with at least three warning calls will be considered forfeited and will be disposed of the best way we see fit.