Beef are hung for about 2 weeks. Even though ranch animals are not being processed through USDA, we are no longer able to hang beef any longer than the 2 weeks because of USDA regulations. If you choose to add any extras (i.e. jerky, peppersticks) to your cutting instructions please note that they can take up to six weeks or longer to complete the order.  We will call you once your entire order is done so that you only make one trip out to pick up your order.

Hogs are typically hung no longer than one week, but if you do choose to have your bacon and hams cured, the curing process does take about two weeks after the hog is cut. If you choose to have Linguiça made, it could take up to four weeks once the hog is processed. 

Lambs and Goats are hung for about one week.  If you choose to add any extras, like peppersticks, to your order know that it could take up to six weeks to complete your order.

Once your animal is processed it will freeze over night and placed in boxes the next day.  We will call you/send you an email once your animal is all ready to be picked up. You will have one week to pick up all your boxes before there are any storage fees added to your bill.  

Stogare Fees

Storage fees are $15 a week for up to 3 boxes, and $5 per box over three per week.  Any order left in our freezer longer than four months, with at least three warning calls will be considered forfeited and will be disposed of the best way we see fit.