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Pork ChopsPork Loin Roast

Standard Thickness is 1/2" to 3/4" YesNo

How would you like your Roast cut?1/23rds4ths

If you are getting a whole hog, you can do one side pork chops and the other other loin roasts

Shoulder RoastsShoulder Steaks1/2 Roasts and 1/2 steaks


Fresh Leg SteaksRoastsCure* it to make Ham

Ham RoastsHam Breaskfast Steaks1/2 of Each

Spare RibsFresh SideBacon*

Fresh Side can be:Sliced ThinSliced MediumSliced ThickLeft in Slabs

Bacon can be:Sliced ThinSliced MediumSliced ThickLeft in Slabs

Whatever you choose to NOT HAVE goes into sausage

Linguica is an extra $1.95 per LB

Breakfast Sausage usually come in bulk, average 1 LB Packages. They can be put in small links or large links for an extra $1.95 per LB

Italian Sausage in links is $1.95 extra per LB

Cut and wrap is $0.85 per LB, for double wrap or vacuum pack is $0.95 per LB

*Cure items are an extra $0.90 per LB (Cured items and Linguica automatically come vacuum packed)