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    Pork ChopsPork Loin Roast

    Standard Thickness is 5/8" YesNo

    How would you like your Roast cut?1/23rds4ths

    If you are getting a whole hog, you can do one side pork chops and the other other loin roasts

    Shoulder RoastsShoulder Steaks1/2 Roasts and 1/2 steaks



    Center steaks & End roastsAll roastsAll steaksFresh Leg SteaksRoastsCure* it to make Ham

    Ham RoastsHam Breaskfast Steaks1/2 of Each

    Spare RibsPork BellyBacon*


    Fresh Side can be:Sliced ThinSliced MediumSliced ThickLeft in Slabs

    Bacon can be:Sliced ThinSliced MediumSliced ThickLeft in Slabs

    Whatever you choose to NOT HAVE goes into sausage

    Sausage is typically wrapped in 1lb bulk packages, if requested, it can be put into large links

    Any sausage put into links will be an additional $2.50/lb

    LinguiƧa will be an additional $3.00/lb

    Anything cured (i.e. Bacon & Hams) is an additional $1.00/lb

    Standard cut & wrap is $1.10/lb

    Vacuum Pack is $1.25/lb