Sanders Meat Service is a dependable meat shop that offers quality USDA meats and cuts in Turlock, CA. We are owned and operated by Helio & Angela Couto, and we proudly serve all of the Northern and Central California and have done so since 1976


We custom cut and wrap beef, hogs, lambs and goats from the ranch; however, we also offer USDA processing as well for our customers who sell to farmers markets, restaurants, etc.  

When processing a hog we offer a curing and smoking option for the bacon and hams if you would like.

When processing a beef or hog a few options that come with cutting and wrapping your animal are whether you would like to smoke anything and make pepper sticks, jerky, salami, or even choosing a variety of sausage flavors that we have, which include our homestyle Portuguese linguiƧa.  All these options do come at an extra price, so please keep that in mind when filling out your cutting instructions form.  

When wrapping your animal, our standard wrap is a plastic wrap and double wrapped with butcher paper over that.  We do offer vacuum packing as well, which is automatic for our USDA processing customers.  

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Proud to be local

Sanders Meat Service has been a family owned and operated business since 1976, when Helio and Angela Couto purchased it from Jerry Sanders in April 1976.  Since then we have been serving the central valley area with custom processing beef, hogs, lambs and so many more animals according to owner’s specifications.  We make and sell traditional Portuguese LinguiƧa as well as other USDA choice meats. As the years have passed, we have grown in ways we never thought possible. In May 2017 we were approved to process meat through United States Department of Agriculture or USDA.  Now if you would like to sell your specialty beef, hogs, or lambs at farmers markets or to restaurants you are welcome here!

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